WMF — Women’s Missionary Federation

The Women’s Missionary Federation is a national and district organization driven to amplify interest in and love for God’s kingdom, both at home and abroad. It was established in 1962 by women of the emerging Association of Free Lutheran Congregations, and today includes an active group of women at United Free Lutheran. Together, they oversee serving groups and committees and help support both AFLC and local missionaries and ministries.

United’s WMF meets at the church the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. These gatherings include a Bible study (volunteer lead) and brief business meeting with a light lunch served (by volunteers) afterwards.

All women are invited and encouraged to participate.

This year’s Bible study

For 2021, the WMF is going through a study on “1 Timothy” by AFLC member Jeanette Berntson.
Publisher’s Description:

This is an inductive study on 1 Timothy. Why is what you believe important? Does it matter what we do at church? Does it matter how we live? Should we have requirements for our pastors? God has given us clear teaching on the role of the church. He wants us to hear His Word. He wants our churches’ teaching and our beliefs to be the same doctrine found in the Bible. Only teaching from God’s Word has the power to create repentance, faith, and love. Jesus came to save sinners and He brings His salvation to the world through His Word, preached and believed by the Church. May God bless you as you study 1 Timothy.

God wrote this letter through the Apostle Paul to Timothy. Paul often refers to truths from other parts of the Bible. Timothy had studied God’s Word and knew what Paul meant. To understand 1 Timothy we will also take the time to learn what God teaches us from related Bible passages.