Expected start date has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Updates will be posted as more information becomes available.

Adult Sunday School

Image result for there are only two religionsBoth adults and young adults (in 7th grade and up) are invited to gather and study God’s Word together before heading into the weekly worship service. The Sunday school class begins at 8:45 a.m. and lasts about an hour. Teachers rotate with the subject matter, but everything studied is based on the Holy Scriptures.

What are we currently studying?

Starting Sunday, May 3, the adult Sunday school class will begin a DVD lecture series called Only Two Religions, featuring Dr. Peter Jones. This series poses the question, “Do we worship the creation or the Creator?”

Publisher’s Description:
“If you survey the religious landscape of modern culture, you will encounter an astonishingly diverse range of views. But beneath the surface, these seemingly disparate spiritualities share a common worldview, one that is radically opposed to the Christian faith.
In this new 12-part teaching series, Only Two Religions, Dr. Peter Jones examines the worldview and fundamental religious convictions that drive modern culture. He demonstrates that in the final analysis, there can be only two religions—worship of the Creator or worship of creation.”
Topics include:

           1. Explaining Modern Culture
2. The Rise & Fall of Secular Humanism
           3. Carl Jung’s Alternative Spirituality
           4. Paganism in the Shadows
           5. Paganism in the Spotlight
           6. Pagan Sexuality
7. From Personal Spirituality to Worldview
8. Where Is Society Headed?
9. Unbiblical Responses
10. Articulating a Biblical Worldview
11. Living in Holiness
12. Thinking with a Discerning Mind