Jesus is Risen! Craft
He is Risen Indeed! Celebrate Easter with this simple craft that can be done with basic supplies found at home.
What is needed:
  • Four pieces of different colored construction paper (might need five sheets, with two of them being the same color)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • A brad pin
  • A bowl
Stage 1: Gather the needed materials listed above.  
Stage 2: Flip the bowl upside down onto a single sheet of construction paper, and trace its outline onto the paper. Remove the bowl and cutout the drawn circle. This will be the stone that rolled away from Jesus’ tomb.
Using the same sheet of construction paper (or using the second sheet of the same color, if not enough material is left), draw and cutout an arch/dome shape starting at the base of the construction paper and moving upwards, across, and back down to the base of the paper landing near the opposite corner from where you started. This will be the tomb where Jesus was laid (see image in Stage 3 for reference).

Stage 3: Using another sheet of construction paper, repeat the second step of Stage 2 but modify it by making the arch/dome about an inch smaller (all the way around) than the first dome you created for Jesus’ tomb. This second dome will give depth to the tomb, making it look more like an empty cave.

Take one of the last pieces of construction paper, and draw and cut out the outline of a cross.

Stage 4: Take the last piece of construction paper you have and glue the larger dome (the tomb) in the center of the unused page. Next, glue the second, smaller dome on top of the tomb so the bottom of the domes line up. Then attach the circle (the stone) at the top of the second dome using a brad pin. Lastly, glue the cross near the upper right hand corner of the full sheet of construction paper.
Finally, take the marker and write, “Jesus is Risen!” in the opposite corner from the cross, for He is risen indeed 😊