He Lives! Craft
Our Lord lives! Celebrate Easter with this simple craft that can be done with basic supplies found at home.
What is needed:
  • Four pieces of different colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • A small bowl, jar, or something similar with a round base.
Stage 1: Gather the needed supplies listed above.

Stage 2: Trace your hand onto one piece of colored construction paper (this will serve as sun* rays), and trace the base of the jar (or similar object) onto a different colored piece of construction paper (this will look like the rising sun).

*Note: colors do not need to accurately reflect the objects initially depicted.

Stage 3:
Using the remaining two sheets of construction paper, cut out the outline of a cross (one color), a half-circle (to use as a hill), and a small patch of what looks like grass (both can be cut out of the remaining color).

At the end of this stage, you should have five pieces similar to what is pictured above.

Stage 4: Lay the circle cutout on top of the hand cutout and glue together.
Next, glue the cross on top of the half circle, with the base of the cross lining up (or being very close to) the flat base of the half circle. The curve of the half circle should be directed upwards. Glue the patch of grass cutout on top of the cross at its base. 
Then, glue the assembled cross pieces on top of the circle/hand pieces as pictured above.
Lastly, take the marker and write, “He Lives!” on the cross, for Christ’s story did not end at Calvary! 😊